Currently only accepting Pre-Paid Phone & Online Orders

So we can offer Contact-less Service during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Read more below!

So fresh!

We’re offering Contact-less Delivery & Carry Out Service for the time being:

Grab your credit card and Call or Order Online.

For Carry Out: 1. Call when you arrive. 2. We’ll put your order and a copy of the credit card slip on a table just outside the door. 3. Once we’re back inside, come grab your food. No signature needed. 4. When you’re a safe distance away, we’ll sanitize the table for the next order.

For Delivery: 1. Driver will call when they arrive. 2. They’ll leave the order and a copy of the credit card slip where you tell them. 3. Once they’re back in their car, grab your food. No signature needed. 4. No porch outside your front door, just set out a kitchen chair for us!

Please note: We’ll ask if you’d like to add a tip to the credit card when you call upon arriving or when the driver calls upon arriving. We’ll include that on both copies for you.

Carry out video: Click here to watch!
Delivery video: Click here to watch!

Aver’s Pizza is proud to serve fresh specialty pizzas in Bloomington every day of the week…and we have been for 20 years! This isn’t a typical run-of-the-mill pizza shop with just cheese and pepperoni.

We make everything in-house each day, starting with our very own recipe for light and airy hand-tossed crust. We have 18 vegetable toppings to choose from, 12 meat and seafood options, 8 pizza sauces (including 3 different pestos!) and 5 delicious cheeses to create the gourmet pizza of your dreams.

You’ll love our award-winning Signature Pies – all 10 have been carefully crafted, blending the perfect combination of flavors for any palate. Or be creative and design your own custom pizza to suit your taste buds. Don’t forget side items – from breadsticks and 5 dipping sauces to salads and chicken wings. And if you’re looking for a great deal, our Specials have you covered.

We have three convenient locations around Bloomington including a dine-in location, or we can deliver to your door. Wherever you are, Aver’s is ready to serve you!

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