We’ve perfected the combination of flavors,

carefully selecting each gourmet topping down to the sauce.

Signature Pies

  • Chicken Bacon Ranch

    Chicken Bacon Ranch

    An expanse of Ranch dressing and cheese wrangled with Chicken, Bacon, Red Onion, and branded with a pinwheel of sliced Tomato halves. Come rustle up some vittles!

  • Cream & Crimson

    Cream & Crimson

    Alfredo sauce and cheese are blanketed with a layer of oven-roasted red potato seasoned with fresh garlic and dill. Topped off with bacon, cheddar and creamy gorgonzola cheese.

  • Parthenon


    Garlic and herb sauce gilded with cheese toppled upon by feta, red onions, black olives and fresh tomato slices. Dusted with oregano at the end. It would be a tragedy to miss this pizza.

  • Lambda Gyro Pi

    Lambda Gyro Pi

    Creamy tzatziki sauce and cheese are pledged with beef and lamb gyro, onion, tomato and feta cheese. A paddling of oregano completes the initiation.

  • Beckon Desire

    Beckon Desire

    Spinach lemon pesto sauce and cheese smitten with the flavors of artichoke heart, red onion and gorgonzola cheese. Some say it’s just infatuation, but we know better.

  • Cuban Black Bean

    Cuban Black Bean

    Hot and spicy cilantro pesto sauce and cheese isolated with onion, fresh tomato slices and seasoned black bean.

  • Veggie Revival

    Veggie Revival

    Spinach, zucchini and fresh tomato slices in harmony with garlic and herb sauce which makes the flavors of fresh veggies stand up and sing! Cheese is part of the choir.

  • Justa Fad

    Justa Fad

    Fresh basil pesto sauce and cheese are followed by artichoke heart, sun-dried tomato, and ricotta cheese. Don’t let the name fool you - these flavors are here to stay.

  • Deluxe


    Cheese and tomato sauce piled upon by pepperoni, ground sausage, mushrooms, red onions and green peppers. A classic combination.

  • Veggie Deluxe

    Veggie Deluxe

    Cheese and tomato sauce arranged with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives and fresh tomato slices. A colorful pizza with flavors to match.

  • Chicken Masterpiece

    Chicken Masterpiece

    A pizza hewn from lightly-seasoned chicken, bacon and banana peppers upon a base of KC Masterpiece™ BBQ sauce and cheese. Don’t just sit there admiring it - dig in!